Steps to Install MTR on Mac OSX

MTR  lets you test the network between your location and your website or server. It's similar traceroute, but gives more detailed info about the quality of the network at each step between you and your site.

MTR is preinstalled on most Linux systems, but at this time it isn't preinstalled on Mac OSX


To check if you have MTR on your Mac, open Terminal or iTerm and run

mtr panchroma.ca

 If you get 'Command not found: mtr' then it's time to install MTR, here's how to do that.


Using your FTP client of choice, download and unzip the latest package from 


At the time of writing, the latest package is mtr-0.94.tar.gz


Using Terminal / iTerm, cd into the unzipped package, eg

cd /path/to/mtr-0.94


then run the following

export LIBS='-lm -ltermcap -lresolv'
sudo make install


The final step is to add the 'mtr' alias to your command line profile preferences. For Terminal users, your profile is saved in


For iTerm users, your profile is saved in



Using a text editor or command line, open your profile file above, and add the following at the end

alias mtr=/usr/local/sbin/mtr


The last step is to quit then restart Terminal / iTerm and you should be good to go, you can confirm by running 

mtr panchroma.ca


Good luck!

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