Joomla error "1030 - Got error 28 from storage engine"

If you get this Joomla 1030 error it's an almost sure sign that you've run out of storage space.joomla-error-1030_Error-1030.png


To confirm this, check your free disk space from your control panel, or if you are comfortable using SSH and terminal, the command to check the amount of disk file space used and available ( in a human readable form) is 


df -h

Here's a typical output of this command when you've run out of disk space, the highlighted row shows that there's no disk space available.


The obvious solution is to either increase the disk space for the account, or delete unnecessary backups or log files. As soon as you've cleared some space your Joomla 1030 error will disappear, you won't need to make any other changes.

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