We're making it easier to monitor your website.

Your website statistics and search engine ranking can now be emailed directly to your in-box, making it easy to track traffic to your site, or your ranking on Google.

Website Statistics Report

Details include:

  • the number of visitors
  • the number of page views
  • which search engines were used
  • which sites and pages link to you


Search Engine Ranking Report

This report provides a wealth of in-depth information abouthow your site ranks on Google or any other search engine.


search engine ranking 2

You choose your keywords, the search engine, and the location. We track results daily, then analyze and save the results.

Report details include:

  • the number of your web pages indexed
  • how many pages rank in the top 10, top 20 or top 30
  • the ranking for each of your keywords and if they are moving up or down
  • how many people searched for your keyword, even if they didn't come to your site
  • your top organic competitors
  • your top paid competitors and details of their Adwords or Bing campaigns
  • details of the keywords your competitors target with their online ads

Pricing is based on the number of keywords we track and the number of search engines and locations you specify.

Monitor up to 20 keywords from 1 location for $25 / month,
$15 for each additional 20 keywords

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